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At Sweet Success, we pride ourselves in offering outstanding personal service and attention to detail you expect and deserve. We will work with you to create the perfect theme for your recipient and can even incorporate special items, such as a photo or gift, to create a truly personalized arrangement.




“Our company” herein refers to Sweet Success LLC

“Invoice date” is the date when the order is placed

“Invoice date” is synonymous with the date in which services are rendered


Sweet Success uses its own courier service or a third-party courier service for local deliveries. Our company has the right to a)not obtain a signature for delivery; b)leave the delivery at any location at the recipient’s address if the human recipient is not available when our company or third-party courier attempts delivery; c)leave the delivery with another person at the recipient’s address if the recipient is not available; d)leave the delivery with a neighbor (if residential delivery) or at another business either at the same address but different unit/suite as the recipient or at a business adjacent to the recipient’s address (if business address). Sweet Success reserves the right to charge clients up to and including double the quoted delivery charge if a second attempt at delivery needs to be made. If a third attempt at delivery needs to be made, our company reserves the right to charge clients up to and including triple of the quoted delivery charge. Our company reserves the right to terminate an order and issue no refund on item and delivery if more than three delivery attempts need to be made.


Sweet Success uses UPS and the United States Postal Service for client shipments outside of our local delivery area. Our company reserves the right to use either courier at our discretion. Sweet Success is not responsible if our products do not reach the recipient at an agreed upon time due to courier ineptitude. Sweet Success is in no way responsible for damages to shipments by courier handling. Also, our company does not insure courier shipments; if the client would like shipping insurance, this must be requested during the ordering process. If the client provides Sweet Success with an address for delivery that is undeliverable, our company reserves the right to charge double the quoted delivery rate (for a resend) plus a $10.00 administrative fee. For undeliverable shipments containing fruit or other highly perishable items, our company reserves the right to terminate the order without any refund or charge the client for perishable items that need to be replaced to resend the shipment to the correct address. If the recipient refuses delivery of the package, our company will not refund any part of the order to the client.

Limitation of Liability

Sweet Success is not responsible for illness or injury as a result of consuming or handling any product we sell.


Sweet Success accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. Personal checks may be accepted as payment at our discretion. Payment is due when services are rendered and before our items are shipped or delivered to the recipient. Occasionally, our company will allow established clients to be invoiced awaiting payment for services rendered (solely at our discretion). If a client is invoiced awaiting payment, payment is due within 30 days from the invoice date. Sweet Success reserves the right to charge a $10.00 administrative fee to clients whose payment is 31-60 days past due. Our company also reserves the right to charge an additional $10.00 administrative fee for each 30 days an invoice is past due after 60 days. Sweet Success also reserves the right to charge a $25.00 fee for a bounced check.




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