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Christmas Basket


Raspberry Honey Mustard dip or spread, Godiva chocolate, Bavarian Mints, Lark Shortbread Trio Burnt Sugar Salted Rosemary, and  Espresso Chip, pistachios, Macy's Cheese Sticks, Fruit Jellies, and Red Velvet Cocoa  Espresso Chip. 


Holiday Treats


 Green oblong wooden box, Gourmet Pretzels, Robert Rothchild Roasted pineapple Habanero dip N Glaze, Pirouline cookies, Cranberries & nuts Blend, Bavarian Mints Milk Chocolate and Non pareil. 


Beautiful Red Sleigh


Has a pound of five color Pasta, Italian bruschettini Toast, organic hazelnut spread with milk and cocoa,
Eggplant Caponata a original Sicilian recipe. Limoncello Dark Chocolate, and Red Velvet Cocoa.


Hostess Appetizer Tray 

This large tray features an easy wipe clean laminated finish on one side to prevent food stains. With a quick flip of the side the tray can be revered.
This tray is designed to accommodate appetizers, cookies,chips, desserts, fruits and more. The tray includes: trio of  shortbread cookies, Funky Chunky, Tiramisu Truffles, and Godiva milk chocolate caramel.


Celebrate the Holidays


Monet Crackers, Martin Sparkling Cider, Salsa Almonds, Funky Chunky, An All nature Fudge Brownie with  No preservatives, Gourmet Cheese Garden Vegetable and Assortment Cookies.


Ride into the Holidays


Includes Joe's potatoes chips Sea Salt, Funky Chunky, Hot pepper Bacon jam.Smoked Almonds, Fruit jellies, Red velvet cocoa,and 2 coconut patties. 

Ride Into The Holidays

Holiday Sleigh


This basket is filled with six types of brownies: a raspberry crumb bar brownie, butterscotch brownie, fudge walnut brownie, cheesecake brownie, fudge brownie, and a macaroon brownie all in a red sleigh.


Holiday Charm


This lovely Christmas Basket includes: Macy cheese Sticks, Lark ShortBread Trio of cookies Burnt Sugar,Salted Rosemary, and Espresso Chip
Pistachios, Bavarian Mints, Red Velvet Cocoa, and Fruit Jellies

I love the Holidays

I Love the Holidays


This lovely Christmas Basket includes: artichoke bruschetta, black olive spread, smoked almonds, fruit jellies, wicked snack mix , almond cookies, Bruschetta Biscuits, Perugina Limoncello, seasoned Feridies Peanuts, red Velvet cocoa, a small sled ornament 


Chocolate Valentine


Included in the pretty White Basket is Chocolate covered Almonds, Crème Brule Truffles, Chocolate cover Red Velvet Cherries, Chocolate covered Pecans, Chocolate Confetti Pop, Chocolate covered pretzel Carmel, another Chocolate covered pretzel Peanut Butter, Chocolate fudge with walnuts, Vanilla and chocolate Fudge, and A Three Pack Artisan heart truffles infused with  Cinnamon infused Chocolate ganache center.


Valentine's Treat


A nice basket filled with Almonds sala, Monet crackers, A Delicious Chocolate Brownie, Garden Vegetable Gourmet Cheese, Funky Chunky, Chip Zel Pop,Sparkling Cider, and a Biscuit Assortment of cookies.


Italian Valentine


Included in this basket is beautiful basket, Almond cookies, Macy's Metting parmesan sticks, Wicket Snack mix, Artichokes Bruschetta Topping, Black Olive Spread, Pepper Jelly, Tiramisu Truffles, Smoked Almonds, Garden Vegetable gourmet cheese, Perugina limoncello Bar, All Beef Summer Sausage with Cranberries Chocolates Kisses and
Fruit Jellies.


Many Hearts


One pretty Valentine box Filled with  Milk Chocolate Creme Brulee Truffles, One Chocolate cover pretzel  Pirouline creme filled wafers, 
Salted Caramel Brownie Brittle, and 180 Cranberry Pomegranate clusters


Shore Valentine


Includes Beach Chair with napkins,Chocolate cover Cranberries and almonds, Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Pistachios, Lark Trio cookies, Burt Sugar, Salted Espresso Chip and Rose Mary,
Tea And Coco Mix 


Valentine's Box


This beautiful Valentine's Box is filled with Sparkling Cider, Joe's Sea Salt Chips,Wicked Snack Mix Most delicious, Funky Chunky Peanut Butter Cup,Gourmet Chocolate covered pretzels Pecan Turtle
Smoked Almonds, Russell Stover Caramel covered milk chocolate caramel hearts, Cranberry Pomegranate 180 snack mix,Fruit Jellies, and English Breakfast Tea.


Beautiful Mug


Great for soup or a Big coffee drinker.
Mug includes: Tea, Dark Chocolate Cocoa Mix, Chocolate Confetti Pop, White Chocolate Amaretto Filled Wafer Cookie,Russell Stover Iddy Biddy Chocolate Hearts, A Pad, and Klara's coconut Macaroons.


Snack Attack


Lovely Beige Handle Basket, Joe's Retro Potato Chips, Butter twists Pretzel, Feridies Cashew nuts, Devil's
Honey Mustard, Garlic Mustard, Devil's Mustard,Bacon Pepper dip, Sweet and Spicy Coctails Stirrers, Cashew Popcorn Clusters,
Bavarian Mints and Non Pareils.


Box Valentine


 Included in this lovely box is pirouline cookies, Ferro Rocher's chocolates, Amaretto Chocolate, Funky Chunky snack mix, Chocolate Cacao, Fruit Jellies, Salted Almonds Russell Stover
Caramels covered in mild chocolate. 


Purple Splendor


Wicked Irresistible snack mix, Gourmet pretzels, Eleni's all natural chocolate chip cookies,
Roasted garlic horseradish dip, Raspberry amaretto jam, Pistachios nuts, and Non Pareils in a beautiful Purple basket.


Pink is Pretty


This oblong pink metal basket includes: Brownie Britta , Russel Stover Iddy Biddy Hearts, Klara's Coconut Macaroons Cookies, Funky Chunky Chip Zel Pop,
Feridies Peanuts,   Cranberry Pomegranate 180 Snacks, Chocolate dipped pretzel Pecan, Turtle, and Chocolate Covered Pretzel peanut Butter.

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